Re: [isabelle] isabelle scala_project and Gradle / IntelliJ support

On 11/02/2021 14:22, Makarius wrote:
> Isabelle/Scala is an exception: it is not (yet?) integrated into
> Isabelle/PIDE, but the "isabelle scala_project" tool allows to generate a
> Gradle project for use in IntelliJ IDEA

More side-remarks (implicitly related to Isabelle2021).

I keep telling the story about "isabelle scala_project" for a while, which
also has a bit of documentation in the "system" manual. So far, there was
never any feedback like "I've tried it, and it is great", or "... it lacks
important aspects like supporting a user-defined project".

I somehow guess that most Isabelle tool developers find IntelliJ IDEA too
scary. Or there might be other reasons that are kept secret and thus there is
no way to address them.

I also guess that people who want to combine Isabelle with other tools often
start with the mindset "python + vi" as the development environment --- but
that is really external to Isabelle, and will make things more complicated
than necessary.

So this is an encouragement to try out IntelliJ IDEA + "isabelle
scala_project" + maybe some symlinks in the Gradle project to your own sources
-- like I did for the Scala part of Isabelle/Naproche recently.


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