Re: [isabelle] Syntax proposal: multiway if


feel free to use whatever you want from me. You can put a short comment like "contributed by Manuel Eberl, see mailing list post <url>" or something like that, but you don't have to – it's not a big thing and I don't *need* to get attribution for it. :)

Since there seems to be a consensus that this would be nice to have, I will probably put something like this into the distribution before the next release anyway though. I would already have done it, had it not been for the somewhat annoying issue of getting the output right.


On 19/02/2021 16:20, Mikhail Chekhov wrote:
Dear Manuel Eberl/All,

Incidentally, I am working on a theory that could greatly benefit from the use of a multiway if. Given that it is not part of the standard, I am wondering if there already exist any (third-party) alternatives to this notation. If not, technically, if I was to (outright) copy a part of a post on the mailing list into my own library, I believe, I would be violating copyright laws (please correct me, if I am wrong). Thus, I have to ask you for explicit permission to reuse this code. Also, what kind of attribution/license would such reuse require (provided, of course, that you can grant permission)?

Kind Regards,
Mikhail Chekhov

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