Re: [isabelle] First day with HOL/Isabelle

<trolling>I don't think that Isabelle/HOL can prove that one graph is isomorphic, but Isabelle/HOL may be able to prove that two graphs are isomorphic or that any graph is isomorphic to itself.</trolling>

As an example, contains one section labeled "Isomorphisms of Digraphs".


Am Sa., 20. Feb. 2021 um 18:24 Uhr schrieb McCue, Brian <brian.mccue at>:
Can HOL/Isabelle be used with graph theory to prove whether a graph is isomorphic?

(I am a first-year math student and start classes next week.  I was installing Python TensorFlow and some libraries led me to HOL/Isabelle).

Thank you for looking at my question above.

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