Re: [isabelle] First day with HOL/Isabelle

Other people have given you some detailed/specific answers, but I think
that, since you found Isabelle by following libraries around, we should
clear up the general picture a bit. Isabelle is mostly a tool for checking proofs that are well understood. If you think you have an argument or proof
why two graphs are isomorphic, Isabelle can help you check that.

If you're looking for some software to help you compute whether two concrete graphs are isomorphic or not, I think you would be better off looking elsewhere.

I hope I'm not underestimating your understanding ;-)


On 2021-02-20 17:24, McCue, Brian wrote:
Can HOL/Isabelle be used with graph theory to prove whether a graph
is isomorphic?

 (I am a first-year math student and start classes next week.  I was
installing Python TensorFlow and some libraries led me to

 Thank you for looking at my question above.

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