Re: [isabelle] AFP instructions

> On 25 Feb 2021, at 10:07, Fernandez, Matthew <matthew.fernandez at> wrote:
>> Can someone with a Windows machine confirm if the result of that would
>> work? Does `~` exist on Cygwin?
> Not sure I've got the exact meaning of your question right, but here are some Windows 10 results:
>  Command Prompt (cmd.exe):
>    $ echo "hello world" >> ~/foo-cmd.txt
>    The system cannot find the path specified.
>  PowerShell:
>    $ echo "hello world" >> ~/foo-pwsh.txt
>    $ type C:\Users\mfernan2\foo-pwsh.txt
>    hello world
>  Cygwin64 Terminal:
>    $ echo "hello world" >> ~/foo-cygwin.txt
>    $ cat /home/mfernan2/foo-cygwin.txt
>    hello world
>  Git Bash (for completeness/curiosity):
>    $ echo "hello world" >> ~/foo-gbash.txt
>    $ cat /c/Users/mfernan2/foo-gbash.txt
>    hello world

Awesome! Thanks for the remote Windows execution ;-)

I think if the instructions include that it should be a Cygwin64 terminal, this might work, since you need Cygwin anyway for Isabelle.

The one remaining question would be, which path do I need to put in, is it just "/cygdrive/c/afp/thys" or does it need anything else? I.e. is /cygdrive/c the right prefix for Isabelle?


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