Re: [isabelle] AFP instructions

On 25/02/2021 00:46, Gerwin Klein wrote:
>> On 25 Feb 2021, at 10:07, Fernandez, Matthew <matthew.fernandez at> wrote:
> Awesome! Thanks for the remote Windows execution ;-)
> I think if the instructions include that it should be a Cygwin64 terminal, this might work, since you need Cygwin anyway for Isabelle.

Cygwin is already bundled with Isabelle. Using that increases chances that
terminal-tinkering actually works. But note that "~" ($HOME) outside of
Isabelle is not necessarily "~" ($USER_HOME) inside Isabelle, even worse
$ISABELLE_HOME_USER can be somewhere else.

The proper way to refer to $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/ROOTS is literally via that
symbolic name inside Isabelle (e.g. the desktop applocation on Windows, or any
other platform).

BTW, even on macOS application-specific config directories should not be
directly in $HOME/.foobar but somewhere else (we don't do this yet).


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