[isabelle] Remaining uses of "isabelle process" and "isabelle console"

Dear Isabelle users,

Isabelle2021 makes it easy to invoke Isabelle/Scala functions from
Isabelle/ML, but this requires a proper PIDE session for the underlying
protocol of Isabelle/Scala.

This works routinely in:

  isabelle build
  isabelle server
  isabelle jedit
  isabelle vscode

but not in:

  isabelle process
  isabelle console

What are remaining uses of the latter two, before they get removed for the
next release?

This should be seen as an opportunity to do "Isabelle system programming"
right in Isabelle/Scala --- using current Isabelle2021. There are many
possibilities, and I don't think that raw ML processes are still needed. Are
there genuine counter examples to this claim?


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