Re: [isabelle] Error in DockerHub documentation

On 25/02/2021 10:18, Boris Shminke wrote:
>> Some years ago, my idea was to use something like ssh port forwarding to access the local port remotely.
> Yes, that's possible but I think that can be the default binding, and the user starting the server should have an option to change it.

The present approach has an implicit assumption that the connection is local
and the password (UUID) for the connection can be provided by a file that is
private to the user. I presently don't know how to do better, and do not want
to pretend that I do, e.g. by allowing the user to do non-sense at his own

> Jupyter server works the same way, e.g.

Can you provide a pointer to the relevant documentation of Jupyter?

> Also, I can imagine a situation when Isabelle server is running inside a university VPN on some machine to which one doesn't want to have ssh connections from Isabelle users, even authenticated through VPN.

Is the absence of ssh theoretical or based on concrete experience? Isn't VPN
about forwarding ports in the first place?


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