[isabelle] Question about some projects to work on

Hi all,
I am a software developer and I am interested in working with Isabelle theorem prover in my spare time. I've had some experience with Isabelle back in 2008, and I am trying to catch up with the last version of Isabelle.
My (very old) afp entry (https://www.isa-afp.org/entries/Recursion-Theory-I.html) was about formalisation of mathematics, but being a software developer for many years, working on certified programs also looks very interesting.
Basically, I don't have very strong preferences besides a desire to do something useful and interesting with Isabelle.
May be it would be easier to participate in some current project, if it makes sense.
I would be glad for any suggestions.

Kind regards,
​​​​​​​  Michael Nedzelsky

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