Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2021-1-RC1: Download for Linux (ARM64)

On 01/11/2021 20:35, Makarius wrote:
> The current release candidate is

There is now also a Download for Linux (ARM64).

I've had considerable problems building the HOL heap image on my Raspberry Pi
4 (4 cores, 8 GB). It worked much better with the MacMini M1 (8 cores, 16 GB)
and native Docker for ARM.
The result basically works, but I've seen it crash already (maybe severe
resource problems).

Further omissions in this release:

  - cvc4
  - nunchaku / smbc
  - z3
  - GHC stack
  - OCaml opam

Everything else *is* already available for arm64-linux (and arm64-darwin).


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