Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2021-1-RC3: Re: OOM Killer?

> Is the OOM killer still be able to kill PolyML process for no reason?
> or 
> this issue does not exist anymore with Isabelle 2021-1?

I had no issue with that (yet), but unless something has changed, this
is to be expected if you don't have enough memory or too many memory
intensive applications open at once (in Linux). For me (32GB memory),
it usually happens if I have two Isabelle instances with large projects
open simultaneously. But it happening every 5 minutes either means you
don't have enough memory, or something strange is going on.


> I stopped using Isabelle 2021 just because of that! It was annoying
> to 
> have the same error every 5 min!
> Best wishes,
> Yakoub.

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