Re: [isabelle] Isabelle document generation and ACM and LIPIcs LaTeX styles

What is the situatiuon here? I still run into the old (comment) problems (it seems). Do I need to do something special?


On 05/06/2021 13:25, Makarius wrote:
On 20/01/2021 08:36, Tobias Nipkow wrote:
This is an experience report that highlights problems when preparing an
Isabelle-based document with LaTeX style files provided by the ACM and by LIPIcs.

1. Isabelle style files use the plain tex comment package (for speed). This
apperas to clash with ACM and LIPIcs.

I will do something about this for the next release: Isabelle2021-1 (December
2021). Presently I am collecting more problems and drafting some ideas how to
do better --- after more than 20 years of naive LaTeX generation from Isabelle/ML.

2. Luatex does not work for LIPIcs:

It works without problem with pdflatex. In fact, it would be nice if one could
tell Isabelle easily to use a specific latex instead of having to write a
build file.

This will also work better in Isabelle2021-1: we still need old pdflatex for
various publishing channels.

I am also interested in the most nasty and annoying hacks in document/build
scripts, in order to eliminate the need for them and let the default
Isabelle/Scala setup do it directly.


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