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If I remember well, you need an executable to manage the rights to access different parts of the file system in MacOS.
Your solution with only a script failed to open files in the "Documents" folder for instance.

You could handle the Apple events in the executable.

The delays in my ScriptEditor application are here to handle the variable launch delay when the Isabelle application is not already running.
You would not have this issue if Apple events were handled in the executable.

Anyway, this is not critical at all!


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Le 4 oct. 2021 à 16:27, Makarius <makarius at> a écrit :

On 04/10/2021 15:55, Makarius wrote:
On 03/10/2021 22:47, Frédéric Boulanger wrote:

On MacOS, the Isabelle2021-1-RC0 application does not behave as a regular
MacOS application: you cannot drag a .thy file onto its icon or select "Open
with..." to open a theory with it.

I wrote an Applescript application to fix this, it is available at:

I don't know how difficult it is to integrate this into the development of
Isabelle. It amounts to processing OAPP and ODOC Apple Events.

I am reluctant to dismantle the macOS app launcher that emerged spontaneously
for the Isabelle2021 release --- the best launcher we've ever had so far. It
is based on a plain shell script, instead of fancy binaries that nobody
understands --- especially after some years later: Apple is changing things
occasionally in obscure ways.

Here are the relevant changes:

So there is an outer executable (produced from Admin/Isabelle_app/Isabelle.c)
and an inner shell script lib/scripts/Isabelle_app).

I guess that further Apple event magic needs to go into Isabelle.c ---
presently, it is just plain Unix (uniform for macOS and Linux).


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