Re: [isabelle] macOS app launcher

On 04/10/2021 21:29, Frédéric Boulanger wrote:
> If I remember well, you need an executable to manage the rights to access
> different parts of the file system in MacOS.
> Your solution with only a script failed to open files in the "Documents"
> folder for instance.

This does work in Isabelle2021, and is the reason to have an outer executable
that runs the main script.

> You could handle the Apple events in the executable.
> The delays in my ScriptEditor application are here to handle the variable
> launch delay when the Isabelle application is not already running.
> You would not have this issue if Apple events were handled in the executable.
> Anyway, this is not critical at all!

My proposal was actually that *you* implement that for Isabelle.c, since you
are the expert on macOS.

(I am only a part-time macOS user to ensure that the Isabelle distribution
actually works on this difficult platform.)


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