[Pooh] Pilgrimmage to the Real Hundred Aker Wood

As very few of you are aware, some of us are planning to travel to Ashdown Forest on the date of the 21st April 2007, that being my birthday as well as that of the Queen, not that any of that matters but feel free to have a look at my Amazon wish list. ;)

Just kidding. Anyway we are going to go and walk around the countryside and have a look at the original Poohsticks bridge, the Enchanted Place, the place where there are sixty-something trees and all the other things there are to look at. I have never been myself, but there are some photos and probably some minutes (if you can be bothered to look for them) of previous excursions on the website. Also we might stop at Owen's house in London.

This will be on the 21st April, which is quite soon now, and will probably take most of the day. If you are interested in coming, please e-mail committee at poohsoc.org.uk and we'll tell you how to get there from wherever you are. I myself will be travelling from Oxford.

In completely unrelated news, I have now fixed the web site so that the photo gallery is now searchable directly from the photo gallery page (if you see what I mean). And a couple of other web site-related things about the pilgrimmage: on the home page there is a link to a map showing where Ashdown Forest is, so you can zoom out to get an idea of where it is in the country, and on the links page there is a link entitled "Pooh Country" which goes to a sort of tea-shop that we will stop at.

Alexander Atkins (Beetle)
Secretary, The Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

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