Re: [Pooh] 2nd June & 11th June

When I said Monday 11th June, I did in fact mean the Monday of Mayweek, which is 18th June. Also, we will not be inviting the Sheila and her Dog society as I suggested we might earlier.


On 29 May 2007, at 10:29, Alexander Beetle wrote:

I have reason to believe that this Saturday's elevenses meeting will be held at Lucy Cavendish College and the garden party in Mayweek will be on Monday 11th June, as per the web site. See for directions if you get stuck.

There will be a small charge for the garden party, of about £3 or £4, which is much cheaper than a may ball and probably cheaper than most other garden parties that you have no doubt been invited to by now. There may also be birdbaths, if anyone can find them.

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