[Pooh] AGM date

Dear friends, including oddments,

The constitution doesn't specify any minimum warning for the AGM date, so we could theoretically have it this week. If we don't it would have to be next week to still be in Term. If we want to do the sensible rather than constitutional thing, we could postpone it to first thing next term (in which case SET A DATE), so we can publicise it to the society at large so they have a reasonable chance to attend.

Is there actually anything that we want to vote on? Has Beetle finished mending the constitution for us to approve? We did elections at the EGM. I might try to make some freshers be on the committee (if you don't want this to happen to you, come and protest) and might try to resign as Secretary-of-email-sending, as it's clearly not a good job for eeyores. It could be followed by a meal in town, or a ceilidh way out south at ARM.

Please opine, lest the Society continue in its state of not really doing anything until I graduate again and nobody take it over again and it properly cease to be a thing.

Also, please let me know whether you'd like to be on the Poohsticks team for the Varsity Match next Term, and when you'd be able to go over to Oxford for it.

Yours sincerely,
Eor, Secretary (for now), Captain of Poohsticks (LH)

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