A chess session!!

Dear all,

Firstly, an apology to everyone for the lack of weekly sessions so far this year. Unfortunately, there been issues with finding a suitable venue so far although hopefully this should be resolved soon in the coming weeks. In the meantime, there will be a session in the CUSU lounge on Mill Lane from 7.30-10pm on Monday 22nd October (Further details nearer the time).

Also as of today, I currently have had only three captains contact me about the college league; these are:

Peter Andreev (pa406) Trinity
Marno Van der Maas (marno.van-der-maas at cl.cam.ac.uk) Clare Hall
Ben Wu (bpw30) Clare

If you are at one of these colleges and are looking for a team then please contact them! Also, we are clearly a bit thin on numbers currently so if you are the new captain of a college side or even just an enthusiastic player who knows the college has some sets then get in touch, I already have a dozen players looking for a team so a shortage of players shouldn't be an issue.

Finally, I have only had one sign-up for freshers' varsity so far. This is a really good event, and I can't stress enough that it doesn't matter what standard of player you are if you would like to play. In my first year, there were several players over 2000 playing but then also players of below 1500!

Best wishes,

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