Re: [CUAAS interested] What's coming up

Just to let you know, as the Anchor's being refurbished, the meeting will be held at The Bathhouse.
The meeting's still at 12.



On 2013-10-04 22:03, G.P. Howes wrote:
Hi Guys,
Just a quick update on what's going on in the coming week. Sorry for
the lateness of this update, only just finalised the times!

Sunday 6th October- TGM will be held, in which we will be electing
people for possible positions such as: Secretary, Publicity Officer,
Membership Officer and Events Officer. If you want to get involved
that'd be great! If unfortunately you can't attend but would like to
stand for a position, if you could e-mail me by Saturday night with a
short speech I'll read the speech out for you.
This will be at the Anchor Pub at Midday. It should be very quick so
shouldn't take up much of your time for Fresher's.

Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th October- Is the Fresher's Fair, in which
we'll have a stand. If you can spare just a couple of hours to help us
with the stall and get people involved in the society that'd be great.
Please email me with any time you can come and help out.

I hope to announce some speaker events over the coming weeks, so stay
in touch here and on our facebook page!


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