Visual Art at the Generation Seminar

A reminder that on Tuesday 28 October the first of this year's Wellcome-funded 'From Generation to Reproduction' seminars will feature

Suzanne Anker (School of Visual Arts, New York)


Picture perfect: from golden rules to golden boys.

Suzanne is one of the world's leading visual artists and theorists working at the intersections of art and the biological sciences. She has been a guest curator at the New York Academy of Sciences and is the author of many texts on the implications of the bio-technological revolution for culture and society, including (with Dorothy Nelkin) The Molecular Gaze: Art in the Genetic Age (2004). She currently teaches art history, theory and studio practice at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she is Chair of the Fine Arts Department. She hosts the Bio-Blurb Show on WPS1Art Radio in conjunction with M.o.M.A. <>. For examples of Suzanne's work see <>.

Artist Statement: From conception taking place in test-tubes, to nuclear transfers in petri dishes, to embryos that have been cryogenically stored like so much frozen food – high-tech ways and means are expanding far beyond the old carnal way of making babies. When posed with the classic quandary, where do babies come from, will the mythology of life’s creation soon also include glassware and the bio-lab? Has the bundle-carrying stork been exiled from fairy-tales? And with the bio-printing of replacement organs and tissues on the research horizon, at what cost is this further quest for immortality? My work explores current concerns generated by experimental reproductive technologies.

The presentation starts at 5.00 in Seminar Room 1, Department of HPS, Free School Lane, Cambridge, with tea and biscuits available from 4.40. The session runs till 6.30, when we will go to the pub. All welcome!

For this term's full History of Medicine seminar programme: <http://>.

Nick Hopwood

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