Advance notice of closure of the University’s Adobe Connect videoconferencing service on 31 July 2019

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You are receiving this notification because you have used the University’s videoconferencing and collaboration service.

The Adobe Connect service will be withdrawn on 31 July 2019

The University’s Adobe Connect service ( is funded and provided by University Information Services (UIS). The service will be withdrawn when the current licence expires at the end of July 2019.

Following an assessment of usage, UIS has decided not to renew its 40-seat Adobe Connect licence. This will reduce the number of products UIS has to operate in the videoconferencing and collaboration space, reduce costs and free up staff time. Affected users are being signposted to alternative products (see below).

Do I need to take action?

If you have saved recordings of your meetings that you wish to keep, you will need to download your files and move them to alternative storage.


Note: Adobe Connect saves recordings in a proprietary format so if you want to play these recordings back outside Adobe Connect you will need to export them into a standard video format. The export process takes time (roughly the same time to export as the duration of the recording) and may tie-up computers that are not of a sufficiently high specification to process the files. If you need advice, please contact: videoconf at

What are some alternatives to Adobe Connect?

Several alternatives are available which will suit different videoconferencing, collaboration and webcasting scenarios:

  • Free Skype
  • Google Meet (formerly Hangouts)
  • Jitsi Meet
  • MS Teams
  • Webex
  • Zoom

What if I still need to use Adobe Connect?

If you cannot find a suitable alternative to Adobe Connect (see suggestions above), you can buy an individual licence.

Note: this would create a new user account and you would not have access to any recordings you saved on the UIS-provided Adobe Connect service.

Does the University have any plans to make Adobe Connect available after UIS closes its service?

Although UIS is not directly involved in any plans, we are aware that some of the University’s institutions are considering whether they should form a consortium to buy its own licence for Adobe Connect and continue to use

Where can I get advice and support?

UIS can advise on the suitability of alternative solutions for your needs and about how you may be able to get trial access. We can also offer support for transferring your recordings to alternative storage. Please contact: videoconf at

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